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Dalai Lama’s successor as PM sworn in
10-08-2011 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

Harvard scholar Lobsang Sangay, 43, has been sworn as the head of the Tibetan government in exile, replacing the Dalai Lama as the movement's political leader. In a historic shift from the dominance of Tibetan politics by religious figures, the new prime minister, who has never set foot in Tibet, will assume the duties relinquished by the Dalai Lama in May.  
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Inside Story - The rise of the right
08-08-2011 by Al Jazeera - Leave a Comment
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Is right-wing ideology really making an impression across Europe? And are governments tackling it, or inadvertently fueling it?  
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Labor backs down on cattle
08-08-2011 by The Age - Leave a Comment

LABOR MPs have backed down on a demand that Indonesian abattoirs comply with Australian standards, paving the way for the return of live cattle exports to slaughterhouses that do not require animals be stunned before they are killed.  
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Julia Gillard & Nicola Roxon on Health Reform
08-08-2011 by Press Release - Leave a Comment
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The Gillard Government today signed off on the final details of national health reforms with all States and Territories to secure the future of health in Australia. This historic agreement will deliver the funding public hospitals need, with unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability, less waste and significantly less waiting for patients.  
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Carr urges Gillard to scrap chaplain funding
10-08-2011 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

Former New South Wales premier Bob Carr has called on the Prime Minister to cancel funding for the schools chaplaincy program. A religious group which provides chaplains to Victorian schools has been accused of trying to convert students during religious classes.  
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